Self Heal Herb Tincture


Self Heal Tincture,

Prunella vulgaris

Names: prunella, sicklewort,woundwort, Heart-of-the-Earth

Properties: astringent, slightly bitter, saline herb that lowers fever.

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Self Heal

Wikipedia: Prunella vulgaris

Self Heal
Self Heal

Names: allheal, prunella, sicklewort,
woundwort, heal-all, Heart-of-the-Earth, brownwort, carpenter’s herb, hookweed, blue curls,  dragonhead, sickleweed, carpenter weed; Gemeine Brunelle (German); Xu Ku Cao, Xia Ku Cao (Chinese);  Brunört (Swedish); Blåkoll
(Norwegian); Almindelig Brunelle (Danish)

History: Self-heal has a long history of use in traditional medicine. It was first mentioned in Chinese medical literature during the Han dynasty, mainly for complaints associated with disturbed liver energy. European herbalistshave always regarded it primarily as a wound herb. Its ability to stop bleeding gave it an assortment of other names including carpenter’s herb, sicklewort and woundwort. The generic name Prunella is thought to be a corruption of Brunella, from the German Brunellen, which relates to the power this herb was thought to possess of curing an inflammation of the mouth known as die Brellen.

Properties: astringent, slightly bitter, saline

herb that lowers fever and blood pressure, stimulates the liver and gall bladder and promotes healing. Diuretic, antibacterial and alterative effects; antipyretic; refrigerant to liver; reduces swelling of lymph glands

Constituents: pentacyclic triterpenes (ursolic, betulinic, oleanolic acids), tannins, caffeic acid, Vitamins B1, C, K

Energetics: pungent and bitter; cold

Meridians/Organs affected: liver, gall bladder

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