Hydrangea Root Tincture


Hydrangea Root

Hydrangea arborescens

Properties: diuretic, lithotropic, antiseptic and anthilithic (root); tonic and slightly cathartic

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Hydrangea Root

Wikipedia: Hydrangea arborescens


Hydrangea is an old native North American remedy for urinary stones, adopted by settlers and later established in herbal medicine. Native Americans made a decoction of the roots and other plant materials and gave it to women who had unusual dreams during their menstrual periods. There are a number of references to the use of Hydranga root by Native Americans, especially the Cherokee tribe, for calculous diseases. It is said to have been used in sections where brick factories are located to assist in removing brick-dust deposits from the bladder. The name seven-bark comes from the variously colored layers of root bark which can be peeled off one after another.

Constituents: Flavonoids: kaempferol and quercetin; hydrangin, saponin, rutin, volatile oil, two resins, gum, starch, sugar, albumen,
soda, lime potassa, magnesia, sulphuric and phosphoric acids, a protosalt of iron.

Properties: diuretic, lithotropic, antiseptic and anthilithic (root); tonic and slightly cathartic (leaves)

Energetics: pungent, cool Meridians/Organs affected: kidney, bladder, colon

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