Echinacea Root and Herb Tincture


Echinacea Root and Herb

Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea purpurea

Properties: anti-inflammatory, antibiotic

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Echinacea Root and Herb

Wikipedia: Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea


Names: E. purpurea: purple coneflower, black Sampson, rudbeckia, Missouri coneflower, Echninacee pourpre

Properties: anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, detoxifying, increases sweating, heals wounds, antiallergenic

History: Botanists named the plant after the hedgehog (Echinus) to describe its prickly, conelike center. The Plains Indians used various species for treatment of sore throats,
toothaches, infections, wounds, snakebites, and skin problems as well as mumps, measles, smallpox, and cancer. When these illnesses occurred, they would suck on the root. They also applied root poultices to all manner of wounds, used Echinacea mouthwash for painful teeth and gums and drank the tea to treat ailments.

Samples of Echinacea were uncovered in campsites from the 1600s, but its use probably goes back much further. Since the 1930s, over 300 scientific articles have been written about it. It was included in King’s American Dispensatory after the eclectic doctor, John King, tested the herb and successfully used it to treat bee stings, chronic nasal congestion, leg ulcers and infant cholera.

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