About Us and Our Mission

Our Mission

Herbal BlendsAs I describe our mission I realize that there have been many adventures in my life. I’ve learned many things. And the central core that now enlightens my life is the faith that I have in the perfection of every part of creation. In some small way I desire to pass on that knowledge.

Toward that effort, I offer these natural remedies that have assisted me in maintaining the perfection of my physical body throughout my life experiences.

mission of loveI hope you will contact me for further clarification of anything that you do not understand about my offerings or if you require additional information.

It is my pleasure to serve you.

Produced by Your Local Herbalist

Village Wisdom Herbs is now part of Peaceful Heart Farm

Upon completion of your transaction, you will be redirected to Peaceful Heart Farm website. In the very near future, all products will be listed in a special section on the Peaceful Heart Farm website. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs at the new cyberspace location. 

Thank you for your continued patronage! We appreciate you so much!