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Village Wisdom Herbs came about through my desire to serve the local community with health products and services. Having studied for many years, I began to formulate herb tinctures for my own use.

I have found this method of health maintenance to be effective and useful in many areas of my life.

Village Wisdom Herbs provides natural health and beauty products. Herbs are grown on the farm or obtained from Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, or ethically wildcrafted sources.

I have been studying herbal health applications since 1986 and completed formal education through Clayton College of Natural Health. I began growing and wildharvesting herbs on the farm in 2003.

My formulas have been developed from personal formulation and application as well as from the herbal texts of noted herbalists -- both past and present.

All herbal formulas are made using standard extracts and blending techniques. You are assured of receiving the same quality time after time.

Custom blends available up request.




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